School-Based Mental Health Services

What are school-based mental health services?

School-based mental health services are professional assessments, therapies, and skill trainings provided to individual students at the school or at Avenues Counseling Offices by licensed clinical therapists. The local area school districts have partnered with Avenues Counseling mental health professionals to provide services to elementary, middle school, and high school students and their families.

Note: School-based mental health services are only provided when written authorization is provided from a parent or guardian.

Why provide school-based mental health services?

  • Remove barriers for students to access needed mental health services
  • Provide services to students in a familiar and comfortable setting
  • Reduce out of school time related to travel to therapy appointments
  • Increase opportunities to coordinate services with school, staff, and family
  • Creates a connected network of caring adults to support the ongoing mental health of students

Who provides school-based mental health services?

The local school districts have partnered with community mental health providers, including Avenues Counseling to ensure that a full compliment of services are available students. Our local districts only work with fully Wisconsin licensed agencies who specialize in serving school-age children.

When are services available for school-based mental health services?

Services are typically provided during the school day, with some appointments available after school hours. School-based mental health services will also offer support during summer and holiday breaks.

How do I arrange for school-based mental health services for my child?

Parents and guardians that wish to request consideration for their child to receive school-based mental health program may complete the School-Based Mental Health Referral Form or they may contact a member of the school’s staff.

The submission and receipt of the referral in no way guarantees that services will be provided. Instead, it serves as a the first step in a process in determining if the student is eligible for support.

School-based mental health services are only provided when written authorization is provided from a parent or guardian.


*If you have significant concerns about your child’s safety that require immediate attention,

please contact your child’s pediatrician or call 911.



A referral is submitted by the parent/gurdian, teacher, or school staff


Avenues Counselors and/or School staff review the referral


Paperwork is completed with the school and Avenues Counseling.


Services are provided in a comfortable, private setting at the school or Avenues Office.